How it Works

  • Part 1 :

    Have you got a project, an idea or a business on the Internet that you are proud of? Let us help you take it further! Submit your entry here, or nominate someone who you think deserves to win. Submissions open from 14 Sept – 25 Oct 2015.

  • Part 2 :

    The judging process will be held in an open setting, available for public viewing from 26 Oct till 19 Nov 2015. You can also choose your favourite submission with the WWWOW Peoples' Choice Award. Cast your votes from 1 – 19 Nov 2015.

  • Part 3 :

    Celebrate the future stars of the Internet with the winners of the Digi WWWOW Awards 2015. Check out which favourite ideas make the cut on 20 November 2015!



1.  Videos & Photography

You can say a thousand words with one picture. You can move a thousand people in 3 minutes. Whether it's a short film, blog, documentary, or a curated album of selfies, if it makes people go wwwow, it needs to be amongst the best on our wall of fame.

You stalk Red Hongyi and secretly wish you had as many followers as Samantha Lee. So what's stopping you? If you think you have all it takes to win over hearts and make people click 'share', we want to help you reel in followers by the thousands!

WWWOW Awards wants to honour excellence in content creation and self-publishing. This category is open to unsung wordsmiths who are most likely to create literary bestseller. Even if it's a compilation of food reviews or diary posts.
Past winners include high traffic and content filled Beautiful Nara.

Submit now if you are producing content in any of the below plaform:

WWWOW Awards want to recognise entrepreneurial owners or creators of e-commerce sites, blogshops and all kinds of commerce services that are web based.
Past winners include the ever growing ChristyNg Shoes and Pestle & Mortar.

Submit now if you own an ecommerce store on Web.

This category is open to ecommerce stores that runs primarily on mobile. WWWOW Awards wants to recognise mobile ecommerce stores which are run by those who believe retail, entertainment and all kind of conveniences should be just a tap away.

Submit now if you run a mobile application that sells products or services.

When someone mentions Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, you hear 'business opportunities', 'customers', and 'sales'. Whether you're flogging second-hand wares, motorcycle spare parts, customised tees or kitten socks, we can get behind your idea and turn eyeballs into bottom lines.

For some, asking for help is not a choice. That's why your organisation or project helps raise awareness and funds or lead missions to change communities for the better. From assisting refugee children to saving one-legged kittens, we can help you help them more!

You believe that more shoulders can help lighten the weight of the world – yes, coming together for a cause really makes a difference. Whether it's a troubled neighbour, your best friend's aunty or an abandoned home that needs attention, you rally up netizens to lend a hand.

9.   Digi's Pick

You have an idea. And you've finally locked it down and drawn up an effective business plan. That's great! Because this year we've introduced a new award – one that offers you a partnership to launch your idea and set it on the path to unbelievable heights of profitability.

You'll be given the perfect opportunity to present your business proposal, complete with revenue projections and expansion plans to the Chief Marketing Officers from Digi and Google. Make sure you have a thought-out plan, because they're going to have questions for you.  

With your enthusiasm and our expertise, we'll use the Internet to turn a shelter into a complex, an ice-cream stall into an ice-cream mall. It's time to get down to business!




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