Awards 2015


At Digi WWWOW, we know that the Internet doesn't just exist. The Internet is people and people make it all that it is. Well, to put it in one powerful word - Inspiring

It is home to the ones driven by an insatiable passion to create. The ones gifted with the ability to heal. The ones with an eagle eye for business. And the Internet is the launchpad that makes it possible for Digi WWWOW to take ideas further. Your ideas.

That's why for 5 years now and onwards, Digi WWWOW is on the lookout for aspiring individuals who make the Internet greater. Together, we’ll make it more entertaining, helpful, educational, and accessible through innovative services and new products.

Because we believe, the best of the Internet belongs to everyone.

digi wwwow about us

To help you get started, here are some important checkpoints you need to know:

Submission Date and Nomination

14 Sep till 25 Oct 2015

Vote for People’s Choice Award

1 till 19 Nov 2015

Judges and Selection

26 Oct till 12 Nov 2015

Award Night and Winner Announcement

25 November 2015